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PollyBot, although known as Polly by her friends, is a feisty Facebook Messenger chatbot who’s only hobby is arguing with strangers. Determined to be always right, she will counter your argument when debating about a range of headlining political topics in attempt to pop your digital Filter Bubble.


PollyBot doesn’t aim to change your opinion on anything political, but instead open your mind to viewpoints and push you outside your comfort zone. I guess you could say she’s like that one obnoxious friend who’s always determined to prove you wrong.



Only 5% of people see social media posts that differ greatly from their world view. Why?


In a bid to show you relevant content, digital algorithms curate the posts by brands and friends to only show you things you like, or in other words – things you agree with.


It may sound harmless, but it’s a dangerous game when it comes to politics. Not being exposed to political news or updates outside our comfort zone mean you often don’t get the full picture, and your views become unintentionally biased.


However, Polly goes against the algorithms. Polly will argue with you on a range of political topics to counteract your arguments and ensure you get a wider view, popping yo’ filter bubble.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

  • What is the Filter Bubble?

    Did you not read the paragraph above, boo?


    The Filter Bubble is the idea that what we see online is determined by algorithmic content curation, meaning we don't see views outside our comfort zone.

  • Why is the Filter Bubble a problem?

    Not being exposed to opposing views means we are becoming biased and unable to comprehend viewpoints that do not differ from one's own.


  • Am I in a Filter Bubble?

    Unless you regularly interact with social media posts from both ends of the political spectrum, then it's likely you've been trapped in a bubble!


  • How can I pop my Filter Bubble?

    Talk to Polly ofc! You can also follow various groups with different beliefs to ensure you see the news and opinions from the other side of the fence!


  • Who's Polly?

    Polly is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot who will argue with you on a range of political topics to expose you to opinions and beliefs you may not have seen.

  • How does Polly combat the Filter Bubble?

    By arguing with you, Polly exposes you to facts & opinions you may not have seen inside your filter bubble. By doing this, you'll get more rounded and unbiased information on a range of political topics.


  • What does Polly know about?

    Whilst Polly is still in beta, she only knows about Donald Trump, Brexit, The UK Conservative Party and the UK Labour Party. However, once Polly implements machine learning her knowledge will be endless!

  • Does Polly learn over time?

    As political arguments emerge, Polly will start to scan public opinions and facts online and formulate her own opinions. So keep checking back!


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